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How to reliably rent a boat on Ibiza?

Hiring a boat during your holidays is always a good idea.
However, some people will likely be unpleasantly surprised. Did you know that it happens quite often that you will be charged extra costs?
For gasoline only, this can be already € 150 / hour.
Also, you usually will need to hire a captain, unless you have a license yourself.
If you book your boat through us, there will be no hidden costs.
We will make sure you do not get unpleasant surprises

Discover our different boat excursions! Exploring an island from the sea will give you a whole new perspective. You can choose between three different tours.

These will create lasting memories!


You are on a holiday in Ibiza and enjoying paradise!

Yet, many people are unaware that in only 20 min by boat you can reach Espalmador.

Espalmador is located between Ibiza and Formentera. Together, these three sister islands are called the Pityuses of the Balearic Islands. They are also sometimes called the European Caribbean. The boat is a big Zodiac which will provide a guaranteed adventure

Duration: +/- 4h

Price: 65€

Included: drinks & picnic

Open group: limited to 10 people.

Highlights: Es Palmador, Formentera, amazing beaches & turquoise sea, adventurous boat trip

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The nicest western bays + sunset

This is probably the coolest excursion! We will start from the Sant Antonio harbour and sail with a speedboat on Ibiza’s nicest coasts. You won’t easily forget bays like Cala Conta, Cala Bassa and Cala Salada. Adding to these, we will also stop at a hidden bay to snorkel. Don’t miss out on the magical Es Vedra rock on the way. At the end of the journey, we will admire the prettiest sunset known to Ibiza! To sum it up, this will be an unforgettable day.

Duration: +/- 4h

Included: drinks & snacks

Minimum 6 people – limited to 10 people.

Highlights: beautiful bays of the Westcoast, snorkelling, Es Vedra, amazing sunset

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Sunset + aperitif in Benirras

This is a new excursion and is definitely worth it! We leave from the bay of Port San Miguel in a chaparral. This is a lounge boat perfect for relaxation. We leave the bay behind and set sail for the north of Ibiza. By this time it is evening and you can enjoy the marvelous sunset from the sea. After sunset we join a beach where the hippies have been celebrating the setting sun with drums and dancing for years now. Close by you can find the famous “Elements” bar.

Duration: +/- 4h

Included: drinks & snacks

Minimum 6 people required – limited to 10 people.

Highlights: visit to a hidden bay, snorkelling, unique sunset on the legendary hippie beach ‘Benirras’ – magical drumming beats & unforgettable sunset

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Tour the Island on a luxury speedboat

If you’d like to be at sea for that bit longer on a luxurious boat, then this is the excursion you need! This goes around the island. We start at 10am and are back at around 7pm.

This will be a memorable day: everything will be admired from the sea. On the program we have swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in the sun. This excursion costs €800 and is limited to 8 people.

Duration: 9h

Price: 800€

Option: If you’d rather go to Formentera with this boat, no worries, it’s possible for the same price!

Included: drinks & snacks

Minimum 6 people required – limited to 8 people.

Highlights: full day at sea, island tour, luxurious feeling, time, snorkelling, relaxing, tranquillity,…


You won’t forget this day anytime soon!

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