Outdoor rockclimbing!

Bike Ibiza also offers the possibility to climb in exceptional locations. It doesn’t matter what level you are, there are plenty of options from 4a, 5a+ to 7a,…you choose.
Climbing is my second passion and Bike Ibiza will gladly introduce you to the best climbing guides on the island. Climbing on Ibiza gives you the possibility to experience adventure from a total new perspective.


Climbing is booming in Ibiza and you can pursue it in the most extraordinary places.

The climbing routes of the North are surrounded by greenery and located high in remote bays. The routes of the South are totally different. Here the rocks are very rough and magnificently coloured! It’ll be our pleasure to introduce you to this little bit of paradise where we’ll be able to climb routes of all grades.
There’s even a climbing guidebook describing all the different routes in Ibiza. We highly recommend our guide because he’ll be able to show you the well hidden places and treats the safety of participants as paramount.

What should I definately take with me?
sturdy walking shoes
small backpack
water bottle

For the climbing journey in this hidden area, you’ll pay €50.
● outward and return transfer
● approximately 4 hrs
● 2 Spanish/English guides
● climbing harness + shoes + helmet
● climbing insurance